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February 26, 2017

President Trump is Mr. M. Burns

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I will propose that President Trump is Mr. Burns incarnate by the flesh. Since this is a spiritual transfer, its not going to be a one for one identical image. Burns is 2 dimensional and President Trump is 1 dimensional. Regardless, there are some facets that are common to both.

Neither one is very into technological tools or has the propensity to use them. Burns uses a ticker, has never been seen to type or handle electronic devices. Except when he had girlfriend. President Trump says he doesn’t email or know to use a a computer. Courier only.  But that does make him a hard target. There is the Blackberry device, but let it be caveat, not a definite stop in the process.

Next is the gestures between the two blokes. One uses his fingers like he is tasting fine wine or emphasizes his point of non sequitur. Monty has his steeple made of both hands while giving his catchphrase.  If only the President would have stick to one with a sinister tone then the point would be moot.

Trump == Burns < (Burns: style, wit and Smithers)

But the President does have a bromance with Putin. Go figure.


listening to…………….

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Can’t tame the lion – Journey and

While my guitar gently weeps – The Beatles

October 10, 2016

Seeds are planted

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Me and mom started to plan some seeds for the fall garden. This after me and family friend dumped some wood bark, vermiculite and peat into 1 garden and then on the other garden, it was just plain compost and vermiculite. Will do a project to see which garden does best. I see many a spider web but no spiders along with lizards. From the readings, there must be a balance between insects, the food and your tolerance. I like to think I have a high tolerance for pain and other things. So I usually leave the webs alone and the cats get the lizards. I have saved some and lost others. Right now, my little female is gone dormant, for now. I have some starter plants and will try to get them planted tonite. The nights are cooler now so I don’t think the plants will heat up as bad in the day. Will shall see.

mini naval in a Lego world gone to war

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September 30, 2016


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Goodwill idea

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I had an idea for Goodwill to help them cycle more and create more opportunity to engage geeks and techies.

The inventory they keep needs to have an RFID like technology embedded into the product. Use that to keep a database. Have that information online to anyone via a device to find it. Take pics or descriptions of high end items or featured for the day or week would help drive traffic to the store. Dont’ have it reserved via electronic queue but instead say its available. That way people have to enter the store, more foot traffic.

Anyway its an idea. Help people become tech engaged, help create tech literacy, people with an eye for art to display product online, etc.

Suiting up each mornin

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So each morning, I try to say ‘blue sky’. This is the positive to start the day. Does it work?
I think it does.

Then when I get to work, I think about bout putting on armor of light ice blue, full, flourished helmet, with an Aztec shield of an eagle. Really spiffy.  Proud and defiant it is.

I have to considering with who I work with. But I can only control myself. So I do and I try. I leave the area better than when I came in the morning. Nothing more, nothing less. I try to learn something everyday to keep the mind active. I read and do, meditate in the morning and avoid junk food, mostly. I keep looking forward to the exit strategy made in the nebulous conscious because there has to be a  back up plan A, B, C…. Seasons change as I age, time finds me looking ahead and haunted by the past because I feel like the mistakes outnumber the wins. Eventually all those images get dimmed when I go to sleep at night, the demons will sometimes come out but mostly they get ignored. I am tool old, too tired and don’t have time for them. Instead I dream of different things, people, family, cats and storms. Then I do it again, again, again, again, again, forever and ever, rest in peace.

September 27, 2016


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There are groups of trees or similar types connected by roots or other types of biological methods.  I have also seen plant roots be noncompetitive with their own kind.  My trees were planted on the edge of the land. I wonder if they have been cooperating. I have seen them take more limbs and become taller. The wind storms tried to uproot some of them but I trimmed and pruned to let the air through their arms. In doing this I have become stronger and more adapt outdoors. I walk around them and see them, touch their bark and care for them. Does the ground connect us now or am I able to hear them talk as the wind blows the leaves, rustling, rushing, breathing. Their roots move slowly through the clay, breaking it.  Ultra, ultra low frequency must be occurring in the ground traveling to my feet as a reach for them, guiding my hand.

September 25, 2016

As of Fall 2016

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I choose not to take any classes this semester. I made a good choice. Things are better now and I hope to be here more. I am older, not so naive and have more pain in my bones. I think I know who I am but it is a struggle. So much I want to do but my friend told me to focus so I am trying. I have goals and a clever plan. So maybe today, I can say I accomplished something. I have changed since 2010 when this blog started and now I continue to walk a path that is mine. If anything, I have become more compassionate and cry more because time is limited. I know, feel, see and hear it moving towards the transition.  When I review in a year, will I still be writing or somewhere else? I do not know.

Start of Fall 2016

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I have returned.

So long, so much older. My yard is much nicer, garden needs to recover. Doing projects and getting organized. Lego is still here, have lots of ideas.

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