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February 12, 2011


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I bought some earthworms today. The sales clerk was very nice and gave me a good batch. From what I have read is they sell them by the weight and these guys looked pretty good sized and active.  I watered the compost pile setup for the garden.  There have been flies coming out and I hope the earthworms do what they do best.  Make good soil, eat the mosquito eggs and breed.  I have it covered up with hay and its 3 bales of hay to form a square with the back wall.

From my research, it says that the optimum temperature is right now till maybe April.  When its gets to be hot, I’ll try to get it covered and water every other day.  Not worried about food for now because there is enough leftovers in the house.  Worried about the cats though getting the idea its a drop off box.  But so far they are not too interested in it.  When there is enought of a population of earthworms I will transfer some to the garden and potted plants. Its the plan anyway.


Aspirations about how to dress.

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When I aspire to dress appropriately and with class I think of James Bond.  He dresses nice and looks good in a suit.  And he’s fit. Which I am not.  Nothing I can’t fix if its been in the shop for the past 10 years. So I am slow, I don’t mind.  I just have to be self discpilined enought to eat right and be physically active more.  Working on that as this is being written. 

I see clothes I really like to purchase but dont’ due to many reasons.  Mostly I know my limits and what is possible. Is it being patient or just pragmatic? I wish I knew or someone would shine down on me honestly.   I reflect on this most days and have learned to become numb.  I think its getting better because i realize my body is not young forever and I am getting old.

Editing blog.

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I’ve seen some really nice blogs to know I am low, low, low.  So, as a student of life, I am groping and stumbling around this one to make it great some day.  Its not a quick thing.  I have finally learned to pace and grow with what I have.

February 11, 2011


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I’ve been told to be a better writer, I have to write more.  So I am here again and trying to be true to me. Wait and see what happens as this part of my life is starting and hopefully not just a gap.

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