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June 9, 2011


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I started to record and find out what sets i might have since time began.  I was quite suprised about how many sets i have accumulated.  Most of the Star Wars are done and going up. The rest are in storage and could be done.  But I am focusing on getting my Star Wars up and complete. Most of the manuals for them are online so i am bookmooching for now.   Yeah points.


end in mind.

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I was told and informed to begin a frame as to my ideas.  So I begin with these ideas.

Culture wars, hyper technology mixed transport.  Invasive ideas to closed loop societies.  Thaw and hot idegenous ideas, possible aversion to violence leading to despair and lost older generations. Warfare beyond physics to allure and intangible ideas. Form with and eluding shape with words and acutal thought.  Groups not of thugs but of blank, no mentality but programmed by habit.

Mosty rambles but its all ether at this point. I don’t undestand the direction but like i was told, start. So it begins.

June 2, 2011


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Although my knee is out i am still going out to the gardens. Setup 2 new ones around the backyard.  Tomatoes are coming in strong. Did a map to start doing some drip irrigation.   Now have to get some copies started on paper to plan the pipes.  Otherwise its been nice here with some low temps  compared to years past.  Didn’t know abou the red peppers till it was almost too late.  They were hot and bright red.  Then the green onions came in. Had some for dinner with chicken. Nice.

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