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August 18, 2011

flat and gray.

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I woke up today and didn’t see much.  Its pretty flat where woke up.  Gray floor that is polished smooth.  Grains of white, tan and light gray.  I don’t see much use of growing anything here.  In the distance i see this kinda of red faded look and then this big black column that just goes up and up and up…..

I think I’ll try to get a message out today. Not really worried about food.


support and self reliance

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So I get it from my friends who have adult kids.  They want to make it easier and support their children throughout life, or not.   What can I say?

I don’t believe in it and always ask them to adopt me because I can cook AND clean.   Or at the very least give me a stipend.

Something the Marines tell the recruits resonates in me when I hear them say they continue to support their children.  Its like this, ‘comfort is an illusion, it robs the mind and soul of determination.’  Better to guide them than to regal them with decisions.  Better to have choices than questions about when is the next dole.  They say I am bitter and hurt on the inside.

True, maybe.  But I don’t run to mommy and daddy when I got bills and a family.  I determine my fate and do not answer to anyone for my decisions.

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