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June 9, 2012

Mesquite trees, plants and herbs

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My mesquite trees are now expanding and appear to be on the edge of uncontrollable.  Front tree is bulging out and needs to be trimmed again. I wanted it top heavy but maybe tall. I have to work on it. My back  trees need to be pruned. One is now to heavy to the side and leaning. Kinda of worried but its nature. The gardens are cycling through there course and while 1 is in twilight, the next middle aged, youngest one is exploding.  Strange how life is displayed in the 3 gardens.  I know nothing is forever and they have provided but they  are not immortal. I remember Carl Sagans’ Cosmos quote about how early astronomers believed the stars to be forever.  Cycles.  For every ending is a beginning so maybe there is no line but a being.  I am sure security forces touched on this when they scream, “We don not die, we regroup in Hell.”  The herbs living in the container are having a hard time getting established. Trying different methods to get them to propregrate and live.  Some have the will and some dont.  Accept it.


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