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October 10, 2016

Seeds are planted

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Me and mom started to plan some seeds for the fall garden. This after me and family friend dumped some wood bark, vermiculite and peat into 1 garden and then on the other garden, it was just plain compost and vermiculite. Will do a project to see which garden does best. I see many a spider web but no spiders along with lizards. From the readings, there must be a balance between insects, the food and your tolerance. I like to think I have a high tolerance for pain and other things. So I usually leave the webs alone and the cats get the lizards. I have saved some and lost others. Right now, my little female is gone dormant, for now. I have some starter plants and will try to get them planted tonite. The nights are cooler now so I don’t think the plants will heat up as bad in the day. Will shall see.


mini naval in a Lego world gone to war

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