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February 26, 2017

President Trump is Mr. M. Burns

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I will propose that President Trump is Mr. Burns incarnate by the flesh. Since this is a spiritual transfer, its not going to be a one for one identical image. Burns is 2 dimensional and President Trump is 1 dimensional. Regardless, there are some facets that are common to both.

Neither one is very into technological tools or has the propensity to use them. Burns uses a ticker, has never been seen to type or handle electronic devices. Except when he had girlfriend. President Trump says he doesn’t email or know to use a a computer. Courier only.  But that does make him a hard target. There is the Blackberry device, but let it be caveat, not a definite stop in the process.

Next is the gestures between the two blokes. One uses his fingers like he is tasting fine wine or emphasizes his point of non sequitur. Monty has his steeple made of both hands while giving his catchphrase.  If only the President would have stick to one with a sinister tone then the point would be moot.

Trump == Burns < (Burns: style, wit and Smithers)

But the President does have a bromance with Putin. Go figure.


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Can’t tame the lion – Journey and

While my guitar gently weeps – The Beatles

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