To write, perchance to dream

February 26, 2017

listening to…………….

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Can’t tame the lion – Journey and

While my guitar gently weeps – The Beatles


October 10, 2016

mini naval in a Lego world gone to war

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September 30, 2016


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Suiting up each mornin

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So each morning, I try to say ‘blue sky’. This is the positive to start the day. Does it work?
I think it does.

Then when I get to work, I think about bout putting on armor of light ice blue, full, flourished helmet, with an Aztec shield of an eagle. Really spiffy.  Proud and defiant it is.

I have to considering with who I work with. But I can only control myself. So I do and I try. I leave the area better than when I came in the morning. Nothing more, nothing less. I try to learn something everyday to keep the mind active. I read and do, meditate in the morning and avoid junk food, mostly. I keep looking forward to the exit strategy made in the nebulous conscious because there has to be a  back up plan A, B, C…. Seasons change as I age, time finds me looking ahead and haunted by the past because I feel like the mistakes outnumber the wins. Eventually all those images get dimmed when I go to sleep at night, the demons will sometimes come out but mostly they get ignored. I am tool old, too tired and don’t have time for them. Instead I dream of different things, people, family, cats and storms. Then I do it again, again, again, again, again, forever and ever, rest in peace.

September 27, 2016


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There are groups of trees or similar types connected by roots or other types of biological methods.  I have also seen plant roots be noncompetitive with their own kind.  My trees were planted on the edge of the land. I wonder if they have been cooperating. I have seen them take more limbs and become taller. The wind storms tried to uproot some of them but I trimmed and pruned to let the air through their arms. In doing this I have become stronger and more adapt outdoors. I walk around them and see them, touch their bark and care for them. Does the ground connect us now or am I able to hear them talk as the wind blows the leaves, rustling, rushing, breathing. Their roots move slowly through the clay, breaking it.  Ultra, ultra low frequency must be occurring in the ground traveling to my feet as a reach for them, guiding my hand.

August 18, 2011

support and self reliance

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So I get it from my friends who have adult kids.  They want to make it easier and support their children throughout life, or not.   What can I say?

I don’t believe in it and always ask them to adopt me because I can cook AND clean.   Or at the very least give me a stipend.

Something the Marines tell the recruits resonates in me when I hear them say they continue to support their children.  Its like this, ‘comfort is an illusion, it robs the mind and soul of determination.’  Better to guide them than to regal them with decisions.  Better to have choices than questions about when is the next dole.  They say I am bitter and hurt on the inside.

True, maybe.  But I don’t run to mommy and daddy when I got bills and a family.  I determine my fate and do not answer to anyone for my decisions.

July 8, 2010


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into the breech i go again without a thought as to what will happen to me.

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