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September 30, 2016

Goodwill idea

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I had an idea for Goodwill to help them cycle more and create more opportunity to engage geeks and techies.

The inventory they keep needs to have an RFID like technology embedded into the product. Use that to keep a database. Have that information online to anyone via a device to find it. Take pics or descriptions of high end items or featured for the day or week would help drive traffic to the store. Dont’ have it reserved via electronic queue but instead say its available. That way people have to enter the store, more foot traffic.

Anyway its an idea. Help people become tech engaged, help create tech literacy, people with an eye for art to display product online, etc.


January 12, 2014

Another year, another comment.

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As I do a retrospect of what and where I have been and going, I pause.  I do know where I would like to be and how to get there.  I am not weak or ignorant, just lazy.  Thus this must change.

I am planning on a long journey.  So I plan and prepare to move forward.  Side or diagonal, I will not step back.  I must move forward. Slowly with small and large strides, I go.

Goals are to loose weight, eat well, grow in strength and wonder, learn and use my skills to help others, be a better husband, son and brother, uncle, friend, and listener.  I do this for selfish reasons, my own. So it begins.

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